92837 is a project that exposes instances of environmental racism in the United States. According to Greenaction, a nonprofit organization dedicated to health and environmental justice, "Environmental racism refers to the institutional rules, regulations, policies or government and/or corporate decisions that deliberately target certain communities for locally undesirable land uses and lax enforcement of zoning and environmental laws, resulting in communities being disproportionately exposed to toxic and hazardous waste based upon race." Black & brown lower-income/poor communities are far more likely than any white or upper/middle-class communities to be targeted as the site for toxic waste landfills, chemical plants, oil refineries, sewage treatment facilities, and other major hazardous pollutants that negatively impact the health and lives of communities of color. Through art, the goal of this mission is to shed light on these marginalized communities that, as a consequence of systemic racism, have been fighting for their basic human right for access to clean and safe water, air, and overall environment, and to educate those who do not know about the conditions its residents often have no choice but to live in since the media does not report on most of these places. 
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